I'm a full stack web developer.

I’m a professional Web Developer, experienced and competent. I’m passionate about web, and love building good quality websites / web apps and have knowledge of a host of different web platforms and frameworks.

I set extremely high goals for myself, and always strive to meet those goals. I enjoy the company of my colleagues whilst at work, and work well both in a team and on my own.

I’m very competitive and don’t play a game for the sake of playing, I play to win, and that’s the same with my work. If I don’t get the absolute best out of myself, and do the best possible job I can, I get annoyed at myself knowing that I could have done better.

Here are some of my key skills

The bare bones, the bread and butter, the Torvil and Dean of the world of web!

The starting point for any developer. I know my headers from my footers, my asides from my sections, my divs from my spans... you get the point.

I've been developing with PHP for for over 10 years, and been fortunate enough to develop some pretty cool things.

PHP has come a long way over the years and is one of the most popular server side languages available, powering 80% of websites on the internet.

8+ years extensive experience developing on the Laravel framework, back in the days of 4.2

Ive been envolved with developing everything from single page websites, custom CMS platforms, and full e-commerce web applications, all on Laravel (including this website - which has its own cms for administering the blog)

I started using plain old Javascript around the same time as I started learning PHP, and developing with VueJS for 7+ years when it was still a 0.x version.

VueJS is a fanstastic framework for building wonderful user interfaces. Ive also built some pretty cool single page apps using vue router and vuex.

Infact, each one of these skill blocks, is a re-useable Vue component!

When it was still cool to be using Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, I was building my first websites with html and css.

I've fantastic experience using the Less & Sass (and some Stylus) pre compilers which really help getting styles in place quickly and effeciently, thanks to their nesting, variables & mixins.

I have good understanding of database design, normalisation, table joins and queries.

8+ experince using git version control predominantly with GitHub and BitBucket.

Plenty of experience creating branches and pull requests

I never start a project without it.